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     See Gabi Voice in Action!     

Touchless, the Copier Has Joined the Fight Against Germs!

Talk to your Copier with Gabi Voice Recognition

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Limit legal liability. Avoid a shared surface that can be 400x more germ-prone than a public restroom!

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Zero eavesdropping! Protected by fully encrypted blockchain tech by IBM Watson! GDPR compliant.

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Meets Section 508c  accessibility mandates!

Schedule a consultation and for a limited time... 

get a Gabi Voice Smartbox FREE*!

Or if you prefer scheduling by phone, call 1.866.274.3351

Now Eligible on Competitive Trade-Ins!   Early Lease Terminations with No Penalty. 


Trade-in Your Copier and Upgrade to an all-new Xerox®AltaLink® and ask for your FREE* Gabi Voice Smartbox to enable hands-free voice commands.

Copyright 2020 - Gabi Solutions, Inc - Safe. Secure. Accessible.

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